Valerian Root 8 oz.Tea + Press n Seal 60 Tea Bags

Valeriana officinalis-8 oz. Valerian Root tea with 60 Press n Seal Tea bags 2.5" x 3" included. Common use: Fibromyalgia relief; anxiety; stress; nervousness; nervous conditions; restlessness; hyperactivity; insomnia; mild pain relief; cramps; menstrual cramps; uterine cramps; PMS; muscle spasms; neuralgia; shingles; hypertension (stress related); headaches Press n Seal Tea Bags are easy to use and a great way to save significant money. Simply put the desired amount of tea into the tea bag and press for 2 to 3 seconds with an iron on low heat. Within minutes you'll have a months worth of tea prepared at a fraction of the price. Once prepared, store in a resealable bag to maintain freshness. Additional tea bags are available in our web store.
Valerian Root 8 oz.Tea + Press n Seal 60 Tea Bags
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